I was commissioned to write a theme song for the 40 Days of Purpose my home church Scarborough Chinese Alliance Church was committing to from March to April in 2004 and thus "Driven by Christ" came into being. As with any piece I write, God has always inspired me in all aspects of it but this song was quite a different experience for me. This is to date, the first piece I have written lyrics to which is a milestone and I attribute the Holy Spirit along with the great material put together by Rick Warren and the Saddleback church (if you happen to be from Saddleback church, I want to thank you for allowing the Lord to use you in such a powerful way!) This is not by any stretch the greatest song ever written but it's a very special one for me that God placed in my heart. All the words are very personal and I hope you might enjoy it as my church has.

I am not charging licencing fees to perform this with your congregation with the exception that if you are going to be distributing the song on a CD for mass market I would ask for a small royalty (I would like to make a living with my music so any gifts are always welcome ;) ). Otherwise it's perfectly free. I do have one condition and that is if you do perform it in your congregation and you have the means of recording it, I would absolutely love to hear what you've done with it and what you've added to it with your own special gifts. I will also gladly place it hear for others to hear your worship team or choir sing.

Thanks for visiting and I hope this song will be as much a blessing to you as you play it as it was for me to write it down!

- Andy Kim

Right click on any of the following links to download it to your hard drive.

Sheet Music
Melody only - Melody line with the chords writen above the staves
Melody with Choir - Same as above except with a SATB choral accompaniment for the Chorus and Ending
Song Sheet - Lyrics and Chords for worship bands
SCAC Choir - This is a recording of our choir singing it on the first day of the 40 day campaign. Not a great recording but it's included here for you to hear what it's supposed to sound like. Feel free to play around with it though!

"Driven by Christ" is © Copyright 2004 by Andy Kim